How to allow popups and/or request to close adblock

Hi to all,
i am running web frames inside the link i attach.
a)product 1
b)product 2

somehow my firefox accepted to refresh the cart.

its not clear to me what is refusing it to work with all other browsers.

maybe the user should be prompted to allow:

close adblock?

what script should i add for the user to consent ?
so that he’s browser could update and keep the cart when i add products to it ?

my goal is to
purchase product a
purchase product b
go to the cart… and continue on buying
bellow the test link…
thank you in advance !!

So… before I go anywhere near this… are you authorized to put another site’s online store in your webpage?

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i have a request from the customer, of course !

So Artsound and Lights contracted you to do this work. And loading their site, which works perfectly fine in standalone, inside your shell loader, causes the site to refresh multiple times when someone clicks on a link, which causes somehow the system to either remove the item being added, or is starting a new session with the site, causing the cart to be empty.

Have you asked this question on the 3dVista support forum? It seems like this is a problem with whatever control they use to load pages in their viewer.

You are absolutely right, this is is the exact procedure i followed.
the first reply was
"Hi George

I guess so but that doesn´t have to do with 3DVista really."

i dont know how, but in my firefox it is working

If their control is refreshing multiple times, i dont see how it isnt something to do with 3dvista.

There’s nothing for me to look at on your site that ISNT part of their viewer.

i have the option to run javascript at any time,
i believe that it should be a (functional cookie) consent button,

Your site’s cookies dont get passed to the other site you’re loading, so I dont… see how that would be effective…

i just sent it to the customer, in order to run it through he’s ftp

// Check if user has already given consent
if (!localStorage.getItem(‘cookieConsent’)) {
// Display a modal or banner explaining the use of cookies
// Include a button to allow users to give consent
// Set a cookie when the user gives consent
document.getElementById(‘consentButton’).addEventListener(‘click’, function () {
localStorage.setItem(‘cookieConsent’, ‘true’);
// Close the modal or banner