How to add tables in a wordpress blog post

I’m looking for an easy way to add a table to a wordpress blog post. I would prefer some kind of visual editor as I’m not that html savvy.

What is the best way to do this? Maybe by using a plugin?

Thanks in advance.

I think wordpress is no table, it is using css

Thank seekfish

I think you’re right. I guess then my question should actually have been: “Is there an easy way of inserting tabular data into a wordpress blog post?”


I think the following plugin will help you for add tables to your post simply


I have use plugin that allow me too add tables in my post or page , I think it’s help you -

Sweet - I just installed the TinyMCE Advanced plugin and it worked brilliantly. I took a while for me to realize though that I have to activate my preferred features in the plugin setting for the buttons to actually show up in my post editor.

Thank you all.