How to add separate menu for app

I am made an app different category for my Client and I want to add the separate menu to the website, but I am not able to add separate Menu.

Welcome to the forums, @stevenclark.

You’ll need to provide more information in order for anyone to help you.

Please post the code you are working with, and explain more clearly what you mean by “I am not able to add separate Menu”. What problem are you encountering?


Here is screen shoot for the website menu but i want separate bar user direct to app pages ! app include case study category

OK, but we still need to see the code you are using, and we need to understand the problem you are encountering when you create the separate menu.

you can visit the website then visit case studies pages and then view website view source for app coding

You may be sorry you asked. :rofl:

Here is the code…

cmolds.html (119.8 KB)


Perhaps I should have linked to this post:

@stevenclark: it is still unclear to me which code you are trying to add for the new menu, where you are trying to add it, and what difficulties you are encountering with which you require assistance.

Remember, members here are all volunteers, giving up their free time to help others. The easier you make it for others to see and understand the issue at hand, the more likely it is you will receive assistance.

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