How to add new theme in Wordpress?

Hi all I have just uploaded worpress to my sever to edit my site, however I keep getting the following message when I try to upload my new theme

message: Unable to create directory /var/www/vhosts/ Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Can anybody help please
many thanks

You might want to check that your uploads folder has the correct permissions set - it should be set to chmod 777

Another thing worth checking is your path in WP Dashboard (Settings - Miscellaneous settings) change the following:

/wp-content/uploads should be wp-content/uploads

(remove the forward slash before wp-content)

Thanks for your reply unfortunately the “miscellaneous settings” option doesn’t appear to in my setting do you why is happening

You can also solve this wordpress problem from your hosting account. login to your hosting account and change the permission from “File Manger”

Apologies for the confusion - Go to Settings -> Media and you’ll find it there at the bottom please see the snapshot below:

Dashboard Settings:

Look for the following:

Hope this helps you!


Thanks I have now fixed the problem all I had to do was to renmae the style sheet

I’m glad you got it sorted Neatweb! I’m a bit confused though as to how, when you say all you had to do was to rename the style sheet…how so?! :scratch: