How to add font text color into msg input box?

i hope to get answer for my Question !
im work in meteor project ( Rocket Chat )
and i need to add font color for user msgs in input box to alow the users to select font color from color box and delivery to others with same color
for example this my textarea box

My textarea code

<form class="message-form secondary-font-color" method="post" action="/">
			{{> messagePopupConfig getPopupConfig}}
			{{#if allowedToSend}}
			<div class="message-input border-component-color">
				<div class="input-message-container content-background-color">
					<textarea dir="auto" name="msg" maxlength="{{maxMessageLength}}" class="message-form-text input-message autogrow-short" placeholder="{{_ 'Message'}}"></textarea>

					<div class="inner-left-toolbar">
						<i class="emoji-picker-icon icon-people"></i>

				{{#unless showSend}}
					{{#if showFileUpload}}
						<div class="message-buttons file">
							<i class="icon-attach file"></i>
							<input type="file" accept="{{fileUploadAllowedMediaTypes}}">

i get many color picker like

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