How to add an RSS feed from BBC news to my site


I am trying to add a newsfeed from BBC news for Northern Ireland.

I have looked at this but Im not sure what code I should be placing on my site.

Could someone help out please?


If you want the link to the BBC news feeds, the instructions in the link tell you to visit the section you are interested in feeding. It would appear that they have many different feeds. One of those feeds would be

If you are looking for the programming code to display a feed on your site, you can find those with a search. I personally used a feed reader from CoffeeCup Software.

Thanks very much for the reply :slight_smile:

I want to include the North West Ireland (Most likely under “londonderry”) or just Northern Ireland in general.

I looked at the feed page but I have never added a feed to a page so I honestly have no idea how RSS feeds work in terms of adding to a site, I have only used them through my browser myself.

I have got code for an RSS feed working now from an example I got online, the code is

<script type=“text/javascript”

If I could just find out how to do the same thing quickly from the BBC news that would be great.

The script/code above is working perfectly for my sites.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:

Anyone know more than me :smiley:

Just a quick look at what you found, and looks like they give a feed that they want to send.

You can do a search for website rss and find an assortment of things you can use to display a feed on your site.

Once you have the widget to display the feed, you will find a part of the settings will have an entry for you to select a feed. Find the news site you want, and if it has a feed, you should see the feed icon. Click on that feed icon and you should be able to get the URL for the feed.

I just looked at one site

They have a spot to enter the feed url and other settings and then you just copy the finished code to your site.

I am not recommending this site, just posting it as an example.