How to add a theme switcher to Wordpress?

I have a wordpress installation with several themes. I want to add a theme switcher to allow me to more effectively test styles from the frontpage, preferably without being logged on as an admin. None of the plugins I’ve installed seem to work. Can anyone help?

Just google you can get the same. You check “Parallels Themes Switcher”, may be helpful to you.


I am looking for a WP plugin which will allow readers to select the theme they wish to use from the themes I make available, hopefully not from a drop-down-box. I have had no luck and the Parallel Theme Switcher is for the backend, not the reader.

I also tried WP plugin Theme Switcher ( and I was hopeful it would work. But the theme which is currently selected effects how the Widgets section in the WP Admin works. At least in my tests for 3.3.2.

I also ran across Alternative Theme Switcher ( which looked prommissing but hasn’t been updated since 2009 so I didn’t try it.

Seems like an obvious need as there are so many posts requesting such a feature. Everything is focused on the developer or admin users being allowed to choose a theme for testing before launching. As well, there are several plug-ins available for switching language, font size or based on user-agent.