How to achieve AddToCart Without quantity?

I am following the below module,

How can i use without quantity [Product Name, Price, total, Action] i tried lot fail again and again. I am learning stage in PHP, any help pls welcome.

Show us what you tried, tell us what went wrong with each try, and we’ll try to help you understand what the problems were and how to solve them.

How can you add something to a shopping cart without knowing how many of them to add?

My shopping cart is a quite different, actually audio selection for a customer, they don’t need for qty, just select an album and to us that’s all.

If click add to playlist button the album id, name only added to mini-cart [Cart counter in header] after click checkout in the mini cart the page redirect to the checkout page, there data showing like,

Id Name
1001 1_voice_over [play voice_over button]
1002 2_voice_over [play voie_over button]

then click submit, the copy sends to admin and customer.

my current workout :

So, quantity = 1 would be a simple solution, if the only issue is a missing quantity.

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