How to access this array value

Array ( [0] => Array ( [admin_name] => Bilal ) [1] => Array ( [admin_name] => shankar ) )

i need this result like

how can i do this type of result

i’m using foreach
foreach($result as $res)
echo $res[‘admin_name’];

but i got the result like

how can i split 2 name’s

put them in an array and use implode() on it

echo implode(‘,’,$users[‘admin_name’]);

found this error:

Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in

I got the result i use this format

foreach ($viewer_name as $users)
echo $users[‘admin_name’].“,”;

due to the trailing comma, this is not the result you mentioned.

This is from you first post, but in the implode you use $users['admin_name'].

Which is it?

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