How to access protected property in a class?


I am using this class to communicate with MessageBird.

class Sms {
  public function send_verification($number)
    global $MessageBird, $db;
    $Verify = new \MessageBird\Objects\Verify();
    $Verify->recipient = $number;

    $VerifyResult = $MessageBird->verify->create($Verify);

    return $VerifyResult;

This will return the following Object:

MessageBird\Objects\Verify Object
    [id:protected] => 8e863bf2556d5bffbe63435v09993219
    [recipient] => 4915142356308

How can I access the protected id within the class?
I would like to add the id to my database.
I tried $VerifyResult->id; to access but this does not work.

Reflection can sometimes be your friend. Use sparingly.

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How to use reflectionclass with an namespace class like \MessageBird\Objects\Verify()?

There is probably a public or magical accessor method on that object. Use reflection as a LAST resort.

Post what you have tried and Iā€™m sure someone will be glad to help.

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