How post and pages are connected in wordpress?

how post and pages are connected in wordpress ?

I know how to create post.
I know how to create page

however I don’t understand how post and page are connected. Can any wordpress user tell me this concept with one example.

what I should be doing if I want my posts to appears in some specific page ?


And I don’t understand what you mean by “connected”. :wink:

My definitions would be:

  • a WordPress “page” is (relatively) static content that doesn’t change.
    eg. About Me, FAQ, Contact Us, etc.
  • a WordPress “post” is pulled in to several webpages.
    eg. the Home page (when it’s a recent post), Archive pages, Category pages, Tag pages etc.

Can we put post into a specific page ?

What specific page are you asking about?
As I posted, posts are displayed in several webpages.

.I’m asking … say I have created a page “Credit History” by clicking New Page in wordpress …now I’m writing posts by creating New Posts…I want post to appear in “Credit History” page … is it possible ? how do you do the settings ?

What I would do is create a Category - “Credit History” - and use it for posts that I wanted to be in that category.

Posts would then show in the webpage.

Will that make a new Tab called “Credit History” in my site ?

If you want a category to be a “main menu item” go to
ACP → Appearance → Menus → Categories → select the category to be added to the menu → Add to Menu → Display location - select Primary Menu → Save Menu

understood. …thats very cool…I liked it

So I see I can add pages and category in Menu !!
pages : static content
category: dynamic contents / posts

However I could not understand what is primary menu and secondary menu ? How do they appear in screen ?

The best advice is to experiment in your dev install.

Although most themes have a lot in common, they usually have a lot of differences too.

For example, I’m currently testing the free SitePoint Base theme

I haven’t seen a “secondary” menu, but it has a “Custom Menu” widget that can be put into various places. i.e. 4 “sidebars” and 4 “footer widget areas” are available.

Syed over at WP Beginner does a good job of explaining the difference between pages and posts, I use all pages on one of my websites because its easier to preserve the URL structure the way I need to, pages allows me to have child pages of a parent page whereas posts use categories…


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