How on Earth they coded this?

The way the header area changes it’s elements on scroll. Then below those subtle 3D-like movements of the furniture. And even more below how the armchair uses stop-animation on each scroll.

It is pretty clever, using a series of videos that play on scroll. But the site does rely heavily on JavaScript, and is a bit of a mess if JS fails in any way. Ideally, there would a usable fallback for less capable devices.


I’m on a fairly fast fibre connection at work right now, and I got bored waiting for the page to load.
Anything that takes that long to load, without any “no thrills” shortcut is a complete failure as a website, however clever it may look.


It seems to be an issue in Firefox. It just hangs on the loading icon forever, tried it on a couple of machines running FF. In Chrome it loads.

It’s loading for me on Firefox (on Ubuntu Gnome).

As @ralphm said, it’s next-to-useless with JS disabled, which is how I normally browse, but it does load OK with JS enabled.

I’m glad that I hear your opinions. For me, although it is a responsive-ready layout, it hardly recognises when I reduce the browser width to shift to mobile layout. I see it’s overloaded with JS.

So in overall I can conclude, definitely a unique UX approach, but disastrous technical execution.

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At work I’m still on XP64, that could be it.
It loads in Firefox on my laptop at home. But it is still painfully slow.

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