How Often Do You See People Answering Cell Phones in Public Restrooms?

Have you ever seen people in public restroom and then their phone rings. And then actually go and and answers it. I can understand why going to the restroom can not wait. But why can’t the phone call wait?

Some would come into the restroom talking on the cell phones. And they come out again still on their cell phones.

Are we too connected that we can not go to restroom in solitude anymore?

Is this a new trend? I’m just curious. Take the poll.

I’ve seen people talk on the earpiece cell phones in the bathroom. Its weird, but like someone mentioned before, I try not to spend time in public bathrooms if I can help it. If I got a phone call when I was in the bathroom. I would leave the bathroom to have a conversation if I really needed to take it.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Oddly enough, I don’t remember ever seen it happen.

Of course, I try hard to not be in public restrooms :crazy:


I’m in the same situation as Shaun’s :slight_smile:

I think this is really rude…

What if it was an emergency like a sick relative ringing? Are you telling me you wouldn’t answer the call wherever you were? I would. :slight_smile:

The trick is to answer the cellphone while focusing on holding the instrument. Its a real challenge