How much would you charge for these keywords?

There is this company that creates metallic iron beds.

They have 3 sites, one in English, one French and one German. They all look the same and there is no text.
The homepage has Flash, CSS and zero text. The first 2 domains are 10 months old and the 3d (German language - .com domain) is 2 years old.

The German site was in the first page of Google for metallbetten and eisenbetten but after Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 dropped 10 pages.
It has around 350 backlinks. The other 2 sites are new, identical design, have no backlinks, no content, etc.
One is domain and the other is fr. The German is com.

The English one wants to be on the 1st page of or for
iron bed
iron beds
metal bed
metal beds

the French on for
lit de métal
lits de métal
lit en fer
lits en fer

and the German on for

So, how much would you ask for these 3 sites and 10 keywords.
And what kind of payment would you choose? Per project, keyword, monthly?