How much to pay per hour?

I run a very small business and need the help of a qualified web developer to help me with the tasks I don’t know how to do or have time for. What is a good range of what I should expect to pay? The person should know centOS, javaScript, PHP, mySQL and ajax.


This will be very difficult for anyone on the forum to answer, as we’ve no idea where in the world you are. You may well find that developers don’t want to charge per hour in your area and will price a complete job instead.

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You can check out what Upwork freelancers offer. It really differs from professional to professional. And also, it depends on your budget, because really, you can find developers with any price per hour. And it also depends on what quality you are expecting. Because mostly the price shows how good the programmer is.

Things you should check before starting to work with the dev company or individual:

  • portfolio
  • feedbacks
  • relationships with clients.

I hope this can be helpful!

I charge $125.00 an hour for projects the client wants full copyrights. I also have over 25 years experience as a Software Engineer. Bottom line is you usually get what you pay for. While it may seem like a lot compared to what you might see, because of my experience it will take me much less time to do a job than it would take someone with an experience level of $10-$50 an hour. In essence, you could actually end up paying more money for a less experienced person.

An important tip: Make sure you have a contract, even for small jobs and make sure it specifies who owns the code. By Federal law, whoever writes the code automatically owns the copyright.

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I’m based out of the US. I have ten years of experience in web development specializing in the LAMP stack. My current asking rate is around $60 – $70 per hour.

Absolutely agree with this. It also gives you something to refer back to later on, for example if the scope of the work changes. It’s a bit of a PITA to draw these things up, but you’ll be very glad you did if you come to need it.

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