How much time to rank at the first page of Google

I was assigned for 21 keywords at 1st jan 2013. All of the keywords have very high competition. Now today is 31 jan and its been 1 month. Not a single keywords is at the first page of google Now how much time will it take for the keywords to rank at first page of google ?? My boss is getting angry on me day by day (:

High competition keywords and you want a number one result? Well, it is very likely you will never get it with those keywords.

For sure there are sites using those keywords that have been in the business for a longer period of time and just for that reason will be hard to beat (although nothing is imposible)

first of all you need to decides the key phase of your keywords and than start again link buliding on that keywords. Maximum try to get backlinks from high pr sites. A well optimized blog can bring your keywords in top. example your keywords id “Magento developer” than first you have to decides the key phase like “hire magento developer india” ect. it will take time but surly gives you a result.

[FONT=verdana]Tell your boss that he is being unreasonable. There’s no way you, or anyone else, can guarantee to get top ranking in Google for highly competitive keywords - and certainly not within a month. The best you can do is to keep plugging away, trying to improve your rankings a little at a time. Your boss should give you a more realistic set of goals.


You’d have to take each keyword individually. It’s hard to comment without knowing how competitive they are. You can rank for any keyword with enough time and money. But to rank a new page or site for keywords in a month, the competition would have to be fairly low. What’s the average PR of the top 10 sites for a keyword you’re considering “competitive”? That’s a good way to put a value on competitiveness.

I’m going to answer from my experience.
There are many keywords you want to position in Google, for that matter, Google will analyze some of your keywords before others. Everything will depend on the quality backlinks you have done and onpage optimization of your URL.
Anyway, Google recently on February 14 will the new update and we can see the new pagerank of our pages.

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You can submit your resignation letter to your boss because it is sure as hell impossible to rank the website on the first page of the SERPs for extremely competitive keywords within 1 month. Well, maybe possible if you utilize some black hat methods but surely very risky.

For these kinds of campaigns you would need at least 3 to 6 months to get to the top page.

It’s hard to tell but you’ll need at least 2 months to get any decent rankings for local searches 1,000. More local searches, more time to reach the first page.


Hi there,

I can understand because it is the common problem for all SEO analysts but you need to be clear from the starting. Before accepting the project you need to clarify every thing with your boss. Don’t make any fake promises for the project. For high competitive keywords you need double hard work. I did not mean about double the links but you have to closely analyze your site and competitions.

Send the links of your site competitors to your boss. He or she will look at the sites and understand the difference.

Its depend upon your site quality and content.

For high competition keywords it will take long time nearly 6 to 8 months. Regular activities has to be carried out without any intervention. Definitely it will reach top position in google SERP.


And you know this how? We know nothing about the OP’s site, or his competitors’, only that his keywords have very high competition. Yes, he may reach the top position - after all, somebody has to have that slot - but you can’t possible say that for certain, about this site or any other, for that matter.[/FONT]