How Much Should Grammar Matter to Bloggers?

Hey, 1 of my friend, how is not a part of SEO, but he loves to write new article and post, to make his online presence and share the new blogs, he is concerned that is “Grammar matters to bloggers or not”, as it is stated that comments don’t have “Grammar restriction” as it is user acknowledgement area, similarly Blogs are also for individuals, so is there any compulsion of “Grammar”?

[font=calibri]It depends who your target audience is. If you are aiming your blog at illiterate proles who won’t know or care that it looks like it’s been written by a chimp then by all means ignore grammar. On the other hand, if you’re going for people with at least a modicum of intelligence and education, and you want to come across as someone to be taken seriously, then you should make a reasonable* effort to get it right.

If I’m reading something – anything, whether it’s a newspaper, a professional website, a personal website, a flyer for an event – and it’s full of spelling and grammar mistakes then I will generally treat it with contempt and assume that the content is as riddled with mistakes as the writing quality is. Trying to read ungrammatical and badly punctuated text full of spelling mistakes is hard work and unpleasant – I’m unlikely to make the effort.

* Note I said a reasonable effort to get it right. I’m not going to lambast you and consider you an imbecile for the occasional mistake – no-one is perfect (not even me :cool: ) and sometimes people just have a blind spot to a particular issue, or know what it should be but their fingers get lost on the keyboard – proof-reading is important but even as a renowned pedant I can proof-read large documents 10 times and still find new mistakes … I will also bear the context in mind. If it’s a very informal situation, or if I think the person is not writing in their native language, I will be a lot more forgiving than if it’s someone who really ought to know better.[/font]

Too often we tend to lump grammar, punctuation, and spelling into one big blob. According to Merriam Webster Online, grammar is

a. the characteristic system of inflections and syntax of a language
b : a system of rules that defines the grammatical structure of a language

There are actually several definitions listed, but I believe this one is concise and pertinent for writers.
That said, grammar isn’t so important in blog writing. What I think is important is that you come across as natural-- not trying to be someone you are not.

All the same, it is necessary to attend to spelling and punctuation. These two are the very foundation of writing. A poor presentation in either erodes the credibility of your writing abilities and perhaps, even your expertise in your area. After all, what looks dumb, simply looks dumb. (If someone doesn’t know the difference between there, they’re, and their, can they really tell me how to correctly write JavaScript?)

For instance, I have a good friend who nearly always misuses the word “loose”. He is a brilliant man, but someone that didn’t know that might wonder how he can loose his friends. Are they in chains? Well probably not and unfortunately, a spell checker won’t catch that error.

That isn’t a mistake in grammar. It is a mistake in spelling caused by not knowing one word from another. My advice, as you write your blog post keep an online thesaurus handy. That will tell you if words you are unsure of are in the right ball park and can also help you find substitutes for those that don’t quit hit the mark you are aiming for.

Another thing that you need to do is be consistent in your writing. If you choose to capitalize Internet, then do it every time. If you choose to put stops on your acronyms (e.g. US vs U.S.) make sure you do it always.

Develop a manual of style that contains the styles you want to use. Also include the words that give you the most trouble, such as loose and lose, its and it’s, and their, they’re and there.

Yes. Grammar matters a lot because you are writing minimum 300 or maximum 500 words. when any person will read your blog or article and if there are plenty of mistakes , then the reader can close your blog. so it should be very attractive, meaningful and there should be no grammar mistake. Whenever any person is writing blogs he or she should add images also. It is human physiology that we love to watch videos and love to see different images.


Grammatical error on the blog makes poor impact and your purpose doesn’t fulfill. Your main intent lies that people can read your blog and you just get promoted. Google’s spiders and robots also don’t like such errors if i talk about at the seo point of view.

I’m posting a quote below that I read only yesterday. Grammar is very important, but not more important than the original thought or idea that you wish to convey. If ideas are thought through, we’ll want to use proper grammar to be able to convey what we’ve so carefully considered.

[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial Narrow]

"Grammar cannot teach one to write. It teaches us to make a verb agree with its subject, an adjective with a substantive, and other things of that kind. It is very useful, I admit, for nothing is more displeasing than to violate the rules of language; but that does not impart the gift of writing. There are people whose memories are crammed with rules of grammar, who, like you, stop short at the first word.

Language is in some sort the clothing of thought. We cannot clothe what does not exist; we cannot speak or write what we do not find in our minds. Thought dictates and the pen writes. When the head is furnished with ideas, and usage, still more than grammar, has taught us the rules of language, we have all that is necessary to write excellent things correctly. But, again, if ideas are wanting, if there is nothing in the head, what can you write? How are these ideas to be acquired? By study, reading, and conversation with people better instructed than we."

-Jean Henri Fabre, The Story Book of Science, “The Book”

Grammer issues great deal on the blogger because if they have lots of grammatical blunder then your reader could hardly find the thought of your current content so you are unable to go your current idea evidently in their eyes.Great grammar along with beneficial structure usually are stuff that slip into the setting of a beneficial web site document. They’re just like the ingredient to a dessert.

Grammatical error will impact your user at the time of reading if they feel huge mistake they won’t come again your website where a majority chances of losing biz , the more traffic you get then the more profit is there .

See weather you are new or old blogger ,or have any kind of audience grammar always matter.If your writer not able to write properly then he or she can communicate with your reader.Even Google will create good authority if you write good grammar rich article.

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