How Much Should Be One Active Visitor Worth To Pay For?

I have a simple website where people are guessing sports results and winning prizes. I am thinking of running a simple affiliate system. But i am not sure what prices should i set. The website has no income and it is not selling any product. I am willing to pay only for active visitor (for example who is actively participating for about a month) and not for simple clicks. So, can anyone help me calculate the average price that should be paid for the advertiser so that both sides were happy?

[FONT=verdana]You are the only person who can answer that question. The amount you need to pay must depend on how much each visitor is worth to you. We’ve no way of knowing how much that is.

Since a visitor does not generate any income for you, or - as far as I can see - give you any other tanginble benefit, I would say the value of a visitor would be zero. But the fact that you are even considering paying for visits suggests otherwise. Without knowing more about what you are trying to achieve, it is impossible to give you a better answer.


I know the max price I am able to pay for one visitor, but it doesn’t mean I should pay. That’s the big question what is the price that advertiser would even consider working with me? I know approximate price I should pay for clicks and I know how to count a price for promoting a product. But I have no idea what should I offer in this situation. The thing is that I cannot tell how much one visitor could be worth to me because this plan is precisely to reach certain amount of active participants and that’s it. Nothing about monetization.

[FONT=verdana]You say you don’t know how much you should pay “for clicks”. But, in your original question, you say you are thinking of running an affiliate system. Usually, in an affiliate setup, you don’t pay per click. You pay for results. You typically pay a percentage of the value of each sale. Since you are not selling anything, that doesn’t really apply.

If you really just want to pay for visitors to come to your site - regardless of what they do when they get there - you should consider setting up an AdWords campaign. You would have to decide which keywords you want to target. The system will then suggest the amount per click that you should pay. The great thing about that system is that you can measure the results, and fine tune the amount up or down accordingly. Or, you could start with a very low amount, and gradually increase it until you have hit the level that brings in the desired number of visitors.

But I still question why you want to do this. You will be spending money, but I can’t see what you will get in return.