How much memory do I have?

I’m building an RIA and I’m wondering how much information I can store in memory without the site breaking. This application will be running for a full business day with no refreshes, and it will be constantly loading new data via Ajax. How much of the loaded data can I store before I’m forced to take some out?


I think this is going to depend on the browser, os, and probably even the specific computer. I would try to not keep a ton of stuff directly in javascript memory if possible. Maybe send cache friendly http headers along with the ajax responses and make each a unique url. I bet the browser would just cache a ton of it to disk. Make sure to only access the data in chunks though, and don’t maintain variable references to the data. Just send another ajax request if you need some of the prior data. If it’s cached, it will load from disk. Otherwise, it fetches from the server again.