How much did you know your skill when starting a job?

I think the post topic says it all, how much do you know about something even before you get hired and if you know a little and got hired, what step did you take to keep that job and staying on top of that?


Appropriate skills are important for any job. You must have convinced your employer that you have these because they hired you. After that the most important thing is drive. If you really want it and you are prepared to work hard to get it you will succeed. Have confidence in yourself and, above all, have fun while you are doing it.


I had a CS degree and had been doing sites on an off since I was about 15. During college, I wrote a lot of bots and simple scripts to do various things. When I started my first job I knew some C# from college and from an engine I scripted for, but not much ASP.NET, I didn’t even know what ColdFusion was (which is what I mostly worked in), my knowledge of HTML/CSS and JS was pretty thin, and my knowledge of SQL was based purely on the single Database course I took in college. But I learned quickly. Even with a degree, finding that first job was a little tough.

I began learning programming in high school. There were no books in the library, no college classes and no internet. I did however use money I earned as a janitor to but IBM manuals. Then I joined the US Army and they sent me to a two-week class about programming. I taught the instructors a little bit but they did not teach me anything I did not already know. So then I went to work on the job at the age of 18. After 4 years I got out and programmers were really in demand then.

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