How many webmail accounts do you have?

I have 10 email accounts but my friends have maximum 5.
I have 2 email accounts in hotmail
2 accounts in ymail
2 accounts in gmail
3 accounts in
1 account in AOL

what about you?

Thank you for sharing that information with us, but just posting a list like that isn’t really interesting, is it?

Let’s change the question: why do you have so many email accounts? How do you keep track?

P.S. for all that want to join this discussion, don’t post the list of your email accounts. Instead explain why you only have one, or more than one.

I only have one Yahoo account and it has been my email address for more than a decade now. I have one gmail account which I use for forums like this and for Google drive purposes too. Lastly, I have one email account for my website so that all inquiries and other matters related to my website goes through that email. I have these email accounts logged in my computer and smartphones to monitor the flow of messages.

I don’t use webmail accounts at all. I have enough regular email accounts that I use for different purposes. All get loaded into the same inbox in my email program with colour coding to indicate which email address the email was sent to.

I have around 8 email accounts, 3 for personal use while others are for work purposes. I’ve filtered messages to avoid spams and automated emails.

It depends really. If you have several websites and domain names its always good to have emails for each one of them. It just inspires more trust than generic free email accounts.

I have total around- 30 emails accounts which i access most. may be more accounts which is 1 time accessed.

Why so many? What do you use them for?

Unlike the free email accounts that are usually webmail only, you can configure the email accounts on your own domain so as to not need webmail at all - so it doesn’t really depend at all - if people follow your suggestion then they will have no need to have any webmail accounts.


I don’t use webmail accounts at all. I have enough regular email accounts that I use for different purposes.

I have all types of email accounts. becasue I relieze each one has it own good points. I have 2 gmails, 3 yahoo mails, 1 MSN, 1 aol…

What are those good points? And what do you do with one account rather than the other?

I have 10 email account 3 for personal purpose and rest 7 for business purpose. rest 7 mail in which 3 are gmail for different site and 1 email account in yahoo, 1 account in AOL, 1 account in email biz and last one in icloud mail. all 7 are office use only. and I creat one account for my one site because of avoid spamming. i never see my any mail in spam list. so avoid spamming by this way.

why do you people use so many accounts? i ve got one for work and one for friends and entertainment…

I have three account on different webmail servers.

I don’t know and am not sure why you’d want to know. But for the record, I have:
1 gmail
1 hotmail (business)
1 yahoo mail (personal); 2 (business)
1 lycos mail
1 hosted (paid)

I don’t use my personal email when I work, except if I have to submit reports whatsoever.

i just use more than one account to avoid spamming mails. if you use perticular mail acoount for respected site then you get your information easily and avoid spamming ratio.

I have one gmail account but use the . option for different websites/subject matter so that I can quickly filter through any particular list.

I have only 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

In the starting when i have a craze to signup on different accounts, i created more than 40 account on different portals like yahoo, gmail , and a lot more but now the problem is i really can not maintain the account and the reason, most of the accounts has been deactivated .