How many unique visitors to classify as a large site?

Hi how many unique visitors per month does a web site have to have to be classified as a large web site in the eyes of advertising agencies, networks, ??

I mean, on one hand there are the giant web sites like,,, etc. then they drop off for other web sites with much smaller numbers.

So what’s a good number of unique visitors / month to start out with to be considered seriously by these advertisers, agencies and networks?

an estimate in my eyes is about 15,000 a week. Most ad agancys would love to have you on board if you were getting that much traffic!

If you do PM me for some ads!

Matthew Taylor

15,000 uniques a week is on the small side. That’s only 2,000 uniques a day on average. If each unique views 4 pages, over a month that would be approximately 250,000 pageviews.

I would define a large site as one that generates at least 500,000 uniques a month and 10 million pageviews per month.

I guess it would also depend on your target audience…

say, a humor site with 2k visits per day would be small, but a site about “stuffed persian cats for auction” with 2k visits would be large (well, I expect so anyway!!)

my esitmate was a little on the small side i guess then :bawling: :eek2:

Matthew Taylor

large and small are subjective.

A better question to ask would be how much traffic do you need for a monthly check.

or not so much the amount of traffic but the quality becuase you can have 10,00 uniques an hour but no leads or 100 uniques a day and 10 leads for you affiliate!

Matthew Taylor

Come on guys all of us know that most decent advertisement networks still look for huge volume rather than very low volume. I agree though that the advertisement should be relevant to the site’s overall content and visitor’s demographics to make it successful at ll.

So 500,000 unique visitors and 10 million impressions is a benchmark :eek:
That’s a whole lot!!!

well… i agree to aspen. how much u want for the site is count. also … it depends on the site content too. content iis the key for more visitors.

I think that some ad networks have wised up, and others are wising up to traffic levels. They know that a site with 100,000 pageviews and 100 uniques isn’t going to work out.

Tribal Fusion is stating its traffic levels in terms of uniques. They require 1,000 uniques per day. Compare that with Burst, who requires 5,000 pageviews per month. That could be generated by 10 uniques!


As Aspen said, its very subjective. One thing for sure, its not the amount of uniques, but the quality that is starting to be the real focus of advertisers.
Aside from the fact that it needs to be targetted, there`s another lesson that I have at least learnt for myself anyway.
I got one site with around 10,000 uniques a day, but recently I started to develop a new site that currently has only about 1,000 uniques a day…yet, this small traffic is making me triple the amount of money the large traffic site is.
because the large traffic site is made of of mostly female …87%…aged generally between 15 to 25. In short these people DONT spend on the net.
The small traffic site is made up of mainly men aged 35 to 55. And these people DO spend on the net.
Another thing ive learnt from my credit card sales is that U.K. taffic is gold. Only 6% of my traffic comes from there but it accounts for 22% of my total sales.
The next best traffic is Australian followed by Canadian followed by US, based on sales per traffic.
Ive had zero sales from asia if u exclude singapore.

I’m working for an organization (.org) that gets about 50,000 unique visitors a day and about 327,000 page views a day. We have never sold advertising before, but money is tight, and we are looking for tasteful advertising (no x10 cameras, popups, casinos, etc.) If anyone has advice for me on where/how to do this, and about how much we could make, I would appreciate responses.

I think another factor should count… My website is Egyptian website and 98% of our visitors are Egyptians, we get now 800-1000 uniques perday… I consider this moderately sized website in Egypt…

In USA and because of larger population and the fact that nearly all people use the internet and the e-commerce is more popular so I expect a small website in USA to get 2000 uniques while a moderate one in Egypt gets 1000/day.

Biggest site in a country can be small site in another…etc

I agree with aspen that the important question is what is the least number of uniques or pageviews by which u can start getting money.

In my case, we didn’t get money yet because my plans was to get traffic first and it wasn’t an easy mission, but so far 1000/day and 2500-4500 pageview/day aren’t that bad… :stuck_out_tongue: