How many times can you use a keyword in your meta tags

newbie question but Lets say keywords im trying to rank for are 'lose weight’, how many times can i use it in the meta keywords that go up to

like can i use

how to lose weight, lose weight fast, lose weight quick, lose weight fast and safe

basically how many times can i use those ‘lose weight’ keywords?

you can use “lose weight” as many times as you want, but this won’t help you more with the traffic. It’s enough to use it once for a post and the other key words to be different, but also popular on SE and to be realted to the post, of course. You’ll increase your visitor’s number.

Like r937 said, you can pack your meta tag as much as you want. Because it was so abused by SEO-kiddies trying to manipulate SERPs the search bots evolved because they’re in the business of providing helpful links to their users.

As for variant spelling, IMHO you’re more likely to rank better with “loose weight” than you are “lose weight”. Much less competition. Although if you don’t like that you could try “lose wait” or better yet “Lou’s weight” or “Lou’s wait”. Which are all better than waiting for the lou :wink:

thanks for the nice laugh…

anyways, you guys are right… mostly key words are used by SEO many time…

hello Jmart285, from where did you get this idea to ask this question," how many times can you use a keyword in your meta tags" ? You will have to answer this question to prove your authenticity.

as a verb, it’s lose, not loose (loose is only an adjective)

loose weight would be weight that jiggles around because it’s not tied down

and the original poster was asking about how many times you can put the keywords into the meta keywords tag

and the answer is the same: as many times as you want, because search engines completely ignore the meta keywords tag

You can use the words “loose weight” as many times as you want, as long as you use them in different phrases.

Key word phrases might say basically the same thing; However, everyone doesn’t search using the same phrase, so using the words “loose weight” and phrasing it in as many ways as possible will increase the chance that one of your keyword phrases will match someone’s search phrase.

The same might go for different spelling, capitalization, and such depending on the bot settings. Some might ignore case, some might penalize you for using too many similar phrases.

I think it’s best to research how the major SE’s crawl your site.

Meta tags doesn’t mean so much as you think.
Get links for ‘lose weight’. Or maybe another keyword if this one is very popular.

you can put your keywords into the keywords meta tag as much as you want

knock yourself out


O.K. Dad. :rolleyes: