How many time Pintrest take for fame like Facebook?

Piterest is growing social media website where you can share your images with description, as your opinion how many time this site get for fame like Facebook

Don’t quite understand your question? Are you wondering how much time before pinterest in as popular as facebook? That would be pure speculation, wouldn’t it? What is your interest in the answer? In other words, why do you ask?

Facebook offering a lot of its features which we don’t see on Pinterest. So I don’t think Pinterest will get users more than or even equal to Facebook in near future.

Facebook and Pinterest are different from each other and both have different target users. In my opinion, as a user of both social media, Facebook is a social networking site, while Pinterest is a virtual pinboard-- you organize and share any interesting stuff you find on the internet, but in FB, you connect with friends and make new friends. Although, both social media can be used for marketing.

I think, Pintrest is the already famous website for image sharing, but for my point of view it never be famous like Facebook, because it is only image sharing website, there is no option to share any thing, but in Facebook you can share all things like image, video, your opinion, thought, website. connect and chat with your friends anytime anywhere, but there is no any option on Pintrest and much more things. So for my point of view Pintrest never take fame like Facebook.

Pinterest used for image promotion.
facebook is better than pinterest.

Better how? Better for what?

Both Facebook and Pinterest have their own significance in the SMO, Facebook provides its own features while pinterest has its own features, but to analyse the time that pinterest will require to get popular as facebook is bit difficult, still what I think is seeing the rapid progress in the visitor count on Pinterest and also seeing the graph of visitors visiting that site (approx 10 mn) which is the first one of social networks to earn such a huge count in a day, I think it will not require much time to get popular.

10 million users [> 25 mm uniques] is popular, very popular… bigger than any newspaper, on par with many tv networks, at the top of a select list of sites. But you don’t need a site to have the entire internet population to be useful; what you need is an audience on the site that resonates with whatever you do so if you have a highly visual brand whose customers are on pinterest you can build a meaningful campaign. After all, you’re not trying to get 10 million interactions.

Yes both the site has different features and definitely Facebook is better than Pintrest now and Pintrest will need longer time to catch the familiarity and features like Facebook.

Why would you think pinterest intends to “catch up” to facebook features? Isn’t the purpose of the two sites different?

Hi Ted , i think you misunderstand my point.I just want to say that Pintrest will take more times to catch the features of Facebook if they want to make the features like Facebook.Yes both sites have different features and both has stand on their own fame.I didn’t mean that Pintrest should follow the features that Facebook has.There was my mistake to make you understand.So , hope you will not mind with my explanation now.Thank you for asking me this question.

Facebook is totally different as to compare with pinterest that’s why facebook is more popular on the other hand pinterest though they have some of the functions that facebook have it but in the user point of view pinterest is not much interactive then facebook and facebook will always step ahead everytime pinterest make some changes.

But pinterest have its own special functionality that facebook doesnt have and one of the big thing now is pinterest is verifying your submitted website to help increase visibility

Pinterest is entirely different from facebook. There is more features missing when comparing to facebook but still its growing because it has some unique and useful features. Pinterest only for image sharing and it will increase the referral traffic. Pinterest has 145% increase in the number of Pinterest users since the start of 2012. Lets see whether it will over come facebook or not.

Isn’t that comparing apples and oranges?

Both the websites are created for different purpose.

Pinterest was primarily created for people to organize their interests in images using different pins and boards.

So you can have an online cllection of all the things you love (images) on Pinterest.

For example:

Facebook: MyName Here really wishes some people would get a clue.

Pinterest: Here is a picture of a ham.

I believe it will take Pinterest more than a year to be at the top position.

Both Facebok and Pinterest are of different kind of websotes.//./// there is no comparison on these sites… But if you are asking for Page Rank then Pinterest will soon come to Facbeook Level…

I totallty agree with you. Pinterest is good but its impossible to Pintrest take for fame like Facebook. Facebook is very famous and interesting social site and providing very interesting things tos use which i don’t see on pinterest.

For me facebook and pinterest arent alike. In fb you can communicate people through chat, add videos and pictures. Play games etc. WHile in pinterest, you can only view images and videos, pin it and follow. So, there’s no way that fb can be defeated by pinterest when it comes to ranking. People enjoy most and spend most of their time by interacting other people.

Pinterest is doing fabulous work. its one of the emerging social media platform, which will have a great impact in getting traffic.