How many OnlyWire's account for one user?

Dear Pal , need your help about this:

  1. How many Onlywire’s accounts are allowed for an IP number? I would like make more one account if it don’t break their terms.

2.If a user can have more than one account, is it permissible to use the same list of bookmarking (same user of bookmarkings) in each Onlywire’s accounts?

  1. Can you suggest for other plugin that have automatic function like Onlywire?

Thanks for your kind help and GBU.

From their About page

Need to Manage Multiple Client Accounts? Check out OnlyWire Enterprise.

Pricing starts at: $200 mo

Thanks for your help… The price of multiple account package is a problem to me, a high price for newbie like me…

May you suggest any free plugin like them…? :slight_smile: Thanks

i found it a bit too pricey for my taste

if you are using wordpress, there is the official plugin which you can use with a free account

but there is also another plugin, its called OnlyWire Multi Autosubmitter where you can put in the login details for up to 5 of the free onlywire accounts.

imo its rather buggy. still on the lookout for something better

Is it same like onlywireautosubmit plugin? I think this plugin has a different funtion, is it right? Thanks