How many of your use a mobile device to read your eBooks?

Just wondering. I don’t yet have one, but I am looking to buy one. I really hate printing hundreds of pages of text, when I could quite easily store them on a mobile device and save physical space, money and the environment.

You can just read them on your computer, too. No need to get a separate device.

I know, but it’s the tactile feel of the book I am after. It something is small enough and allows you to navigate through. I recently spotted some nifty iPad apps that would be awesome to be using whilst reading a digital book. I think soon will be the stage to jump on the iPad wagon and make life a little easier.

Yeah, I use my galaxy note 2 to read my eBooks but, mostly on my computer.

I use a Galaxy Tab and my computer. It really depends where I am :slight_smile:

I seem to have a problem taking things in when read on any electronic device! I much prefer a paper copy; they can also be read in the bath :wink:

Oh, I prefer paper too… by far. but unfortunately there is not enough room in my house to have all the books I would like and sometimes it is handy to carry them with you… to read while in the bus and so… and you can’t use the tablet PC in the bath too :wink:

Having said this, Kindle and other products are more suitable than a Tablet PC. It is hard for the eyes if you read for too long.

But if I can choose, I prefer the paper copy

Most of the people do that, but now technology is advanced people use tablate, it has big screen and easy to read everything.

I am thinking of maybe getting a Kiddle. I already own a couple of eBooks and I have an feeling that it won’t let me just upload them. Amazon might lock me into purchasing exactly the same books via Amazon Store.

I always prefer traditional books, with that in mind I don’t have a lot of space for all these books. iPad would be the best equivalent, considering you can do so much with it, but I don’t think it would be suitable for long reading. Kindle might be my best option.

Yeah, It can be read on Mobile device without wasting money on getting hard copy.

Kindle is probably the best for this job since heck, is made for it.
Easy to hold and with no eye hurting.

I do use my mobile phone to read ebooks when I am on way or traveling from one place to another…

Iam the one who do read ebook through the phone because iam keep on travelling as my job is in marketing and all the work is done, by using my smart phone.

I use my iphone to read ebook. It is really amazing… We can read our favorite pages anywhere. on raod, in traffice area or anytime they are always with us.

It helps alot that u can read any book on your smartphones where-ever you are. It makes you busy and keep informing you about the think which you are crazy for.

Mantano reader on an Asus Transformer.
The transformer also doubles as a notetaking tool with its keyboard dock.

I have read books online but I can’t say that I liked them. For me nothing equals to the feeling of reading a book held between both hands, and dozing off while reading.

i read ebooks both on my ipad and iphone… but i like it more on ipad cause of bigger screen :slight_smile:

I read most of ebooks on my phone, This is because i keep on traveling.

Yes i do read eBooks on my cellphone but not always because it’s not comfortable at all!