How many of you use Multidimesional Content?

Content is believed to be the heart and soul of a webpage and there are various dimensions to content which we usually fail to consider. Content not only includes text, but also other forms such as images and video. Although text can be easily indexed by the search engines, images and videos are hard to get indexed. Hence, unless you optimize them, search engines cannot value your content. I guess we are in a age of Multidimensional content and hence using mere text can lead us not very far.

Perhaps you could clarify just what you’re wanting to discuss here? If your definition of multidimensional content is anything more than just text, then pretty much everybody is using it; very few sites have no images. Are you asking how people go about optimising this additional content?

Yes, its very much the same which you understood. But then not everyone uses images, videos and texts in their webpages. In most of the cases people use text and images. And yes, i meant that how many actually optimize images, videos and the text altogether in a webpage.