How many of you getting a Chinese symbol tattoo?

I am wondering how many of you guys are getting a Chinese symbol tattoos. I am consiering one. Any idea ?

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Whitespace… good one. HTML is an old one of course:

The use of the “align” attribute is one of those things that people getting tattoos don’t think about - that in a few years’ time their tattoo will look very very silly.

Chinese isn’t original any more. Neither are Thai or any of those other “funny” Asian languages. Go for a language not many people get tattoos in, like Icelandic or Fortran.

In China,few young guys use Chinese charactors to be her/his tattoo,boys like dragon or tigr,wolf to be tattoo,girls like butterfly on her breast:blush:,but 10 and 20 years ago,boys like one Chinese charactor-“ren” ,it means enduring any provoking me,I don’t fight back him.:cool:

Fortran! Awesome.

How about some brainf*ck?

I already have a whitespace tattoo whistles

But why so many people getting it, including those celebrities?

I’d like to have a Chinese tattoo !

I’d never get a Chinese symbol. Very cliché, but then again I wouldn’t get a tattoo.

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Easier to buy a hat for that one… I was at a conference recently and spent a good deal of time staring at </html> on the back of the guy in front of me’s hat.

If that’s how you go about making decisions in life maybe you should get a cool barb wire arm band tattoo like Pam Anderson has. All the rage in the 90s.

On a more serious note if you really think that it’s something you want then by all means go for it, but I really don’t understand the point in getting one.

I found these Chinese are just font,if you use chinese caligraphy,it will be very cool,because it is artistic

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