How many CPUs, RAMs can MySQL Community edition use?


I’d like to know how many CPUs, RAMs can MySQL Community Edition use?

Also I want to know if there is a limit in the size of the community edition?

What is the difference between it and MS SQL Server Express?

What are the limitations in MySQL Community edition?

Do you know any big website that use the community edition?


From my benchmark testing mysql community editions 5.0.x and 5.1.x stop scaling past 8 cpu cores for myisam and innodb. While 5.5.x myisam scales to 8 cpu cores and innodb to 32 cpu cores

If you want best performing mysql version right now i’d say it’s MariaDB 5.2.x for both innodb and myisam up to 32 cpu cores it leads. Innodb performance past 48-64 cpu core threads then Percona 5.5.x edges out MariaDB 5.2.x