How many 301 redirects recommended?


How many url 301 redirects can we add to our .htaccess file?
(*i.e. we have a list of 3,000 url’s we are thinking about adding/redirecting… but that sounds like a lot to me… thought I’d ask first before trying that).
The reason we have so many is due to discontinued products (*this is out of our control and determined by the various manufacturers).
So we were hoping to redirect those discontinued product ul’s to current/active similar product url’s.

Our hosting company says to keep the htaccess file under 50kb… that might be impossible with 3000+ url’s…plus more being added to that in the future.

Just wondering if anyone here has any advice on this issue.

PS - is it normal procedure (*and is it necessary for SEO reasons) to have to redirect that many discontinued product url’s?

Thanks in advance.

3000 is quite a lot, but whether it’s too much is hard to say, since it depends on the server hardware, how many requests the site has, whether the host is shared, if so, with how many others and what is their traffic, etc, etc.

Do the URLs all follow a common pattern? (i.e. start with the same directory or something)
If so, you might use mod_rewrite instead of Redirect.

It’s quite common to put 301 Redirects on pages that have ~moved~, but not for pages that have been ~removed~ (in your case because the products are discontinued).
What are the URLs supposed to redirect to?

ErrorDocument 404 /discontinued_product.php isn’t a bad solution, either.

Oh, I’ll take exception to Rémon’s ‘3000 may be okay’ statement as .htaccess is no place to place trifle code as it must be accessed, parsed and dealt with for EVERY request (often multiple times). If you have a ridiculous list like that, put it in the httpd.conf but NOT in .htaccess because a good sys admin would ban you from using .htaccess for such an abuse.