How long?

How long do you all think it should take one person to create a website that includes phpBB, but the person has beginning knowledge of PHP, knows a good bit of HTML, and CSS, and still wants to develop a semi CMS into the forum with a list of anime for various things?

How can anyone answer that question without knowing (i) the detailed requirements of the finished product; (ii) the skill level of the developer; (iii) how fast the developer works - not to mention how responsive the client is to queries, and maybe a dozen similar factors?

If you need to give a quote for this particular job yourself, you would be unwise to base it on the answers you get in a forum discussion (however knowledgeable the people taking part in the discussion). You’re the only one with sufficient knowledge to answer the question, and the only one who can judge how long it would take you to carry out this particular project.


Sorry, didn’t think about all of those factors.