How long to rank in Google and Bing?

Does anyone know how long it takes to rank in Google and Bing?

I have a new website that has been submitted to Bing and Google 2 weeks ago but it is not showing in search results yet.


try typing into the search box, if the engines have started to index your site it should list any pages it’s indexed.

Depends on how SEO-friendly your website is.

That being said, it usually takes a few months for an SEO campaign to bear fruit, so I wouldn’t bank on seeing results in the next few weeks. Be patient and keep working on it :smile:


Google Analytics is showing some “impressions” but no “clicks”.

I suppose I need to climb higher in the rankings? Which will naturally happen over time…


Is you website indexed yet? If not then I would suggest building few social shares and social bookmarking links.

Even if your website is indexed it doesn’t mean that you will see your website in search results for your keywords. It takes time and link building to see your website in searches.

Hey be clear with your question. Are you looking your post in Google SERP for a specific keyword? or You had submitted it before and it is not indexed yet?

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