How long should I be coding in PHP to consider taking a ZCE exam?

I have been doing PHP on and off for a while now, but last year I decided I wanted to fully master it. Im not saying that I will be a master PHP developer by getting ZCE Certified. However it is a personal goal, something that I want. I am curious though how much PHP experience should one have before considering the ZCE exam?


Enough that you know how to do everything listed on the page.

You might also consider purchasing the study guide so that you can make sure you actually know everything you need to before paying for the exam.

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Hello Felgall,

I did end up buying the study guide ebook from the Zend website. I also picked up a copy of Phparchitect’s Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide, and I will eventually purchase the study program from uCertify. So studying for this test is making me learn things I otherwise would have not learned right away. Seems like to pass I have to memorize a ton of native functions. Some of them are very interesting others like the many many sting functions are not as exciting, But so far so good. Im going to try to take it in about 2 months.

An hour :smile:

Last I checked, the exam was mostly native functions and theoretical “what happens if you type this” questions - something you won’t really learn from experience because you don’t pay attention to it when working on real projects. Everything you need for the exam can be learned from the study guide - I recommend purchasing it if you’re serious about passing in your first try. I mean, just look at these…

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