How Join multiple tables with each other?

As we can see there is two table are JOINED Now I want to ask that which is the correct way to join these tabels like the blue is correct? or Green one?

Well, you tell us;

what are the relationships between these tables?

I thing both are fine blue one is 1:1 relation and Green is 1:M please correct me If I am wrong?

I dont know. Giving us a list of tables and saying ‘what are the relations between these’ is impossible to answer.

Here, let me give you an example:
I have a table, car, and a table, people. What is my relation between them?
You don’t know.
I have to tell you: “A car is owned by 1 person. A person can own many cars.”
At that point, I have established a relationship.
I have told you both directions of the relationship; as such, it is clearly a 1-M relationship.
I could have told you “A car has many drivers; people drive many cars.”
Same two tables, entirely different relationship.


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