How is this jQuery done?

I wonder if someone can point me in the direction of the jQuery used for this…

I’m interested in the filtering aspect, how things dim and highlight when selected.

Seen it uses Masonry, but not sure if this is was does that aspect.

I want it to be a strict grid like shown not for it to move around…

Any ideas how its done?

Thanks :slight_smile:

He uses a simple selector fade to perform that effect.

For example:

$("#grid-wrapper").delay(100).fadeTo(700, 0.1);

Thanks Paul,

Are there any tutorials on that selector?

How does it know from a link to fade down the rest from being selected?

My lexical parser has trouble interpreting meaningful information from the above.


Aahh, epiphany strikes, more follows

Oh, there’s a missing comma after the word “link”

He also has other similar code on the page that does what you’re wanting to know about. The example code that I posted is only a part of his solution.
You can look at the source code for his page and find the place of the example code, where you will find similar code that does the rest of the work.

Err :shifty: