How is this great Tween created?

Hey all,

I recently came across this website and was wondering how they have managed to create this awesome Tween. If it isn’t highlighted already then click the ‘How does it work?’ or ‘Oh, I got it’ that should be showing in the top right of the site to see the tween I mean.

I would like to incorporate something similar into a new website I am developing but can’t seem to see any javascript for the animation - is this just HTML 5?

Any help people can provide would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Tom :slight_smile:

It’s jQuery javascript. The library and scripts are combined into a single file linked near the bottom of the body.

Ah what a fool, can’t believe I didn’t see that - I was looking in the head section. Thanks for your help Victorinox! :slight_smile: