How is this done?

Hello. I want to make a website with a lot of categories. I would like it to start with a very broad category, such as countries, then it will display another drop down menu containing only states, then another drop down menu consisting of only states, then only streets.

Here is an example of the idea. First select the country, then another drop down will appear with only area, then a menu with only cities and then a menu with only universities.

Please take a look at the link above and if you can tell me how I can achieve this. Thanks a lot for the help. Also some guides would be helpful.

It’s don’t with JavaScript et al. Have a look at the source code to see what scripts are running. If it all means nothing to you (as to me!) you probably need to hire someone to help you.

Yea I was looking at the sources code and I did some research. Look at this.

<script type=“text/javascript” src=“/modules/dhtml_menu/dhtml_menu.js?l”></script>

I think it is done with drupal dhtml menu, but I’m not sure.