How important is graphics on banners?

Animated banners have become very popular these days. They go all out to attract the visitors. Such banners are beautiful to look at as well. Do graphics play a crucial role in banner creation? Are ordinary banners no longer effective? Banner advertising is of course gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times.

This question is too vague? What are trying to do/understand? What’s ordinary banners? Show us examples of both types!
Animated banners are used since a decade or longer!

You don’t need animation physically in the banner. You can easily have multiple images and use an image rotator script like one of the jQuery ones. This will slide between photos which gives some animation and keeps it simple.

Currently which software you arusing for this Banner…

I think either the banner is animated or static that is not important, if the banner is good enough with an eye catching design and it’s appealing enough then it is sure to draw some attention to your customers, otherwise it may go unnoticed…

I’m guessing he really didn’t want an answer to his question…

Graphics on the website/banner helps a lot for easily gaining the attraction of the visitors towards the site because people like the visual information more compared to text based information only. But make sure regarding that the size of the graphic will not become the reasonable factor for increased loading time.

If talk about ordinary banner then they are also useful and helpful if they have designed in creative way.

I don’t think animated banners load slowly, do they?

Yes, you are right in this case, when animated banner has the formats such as Flash and GIF then nothing to be worried regarding the size of the file because it helps to product much smaller size of image compared to JPEG format which we use for static banners.

it doesn’t matter whether the banner is animated or static, if the banner design is nice enough that it can grab the attention of users then its great, otherwise it may unnoticed.