How I Maintain Keywords Rank?

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I have a query for experts webmasters -

When I got my keywords in top 10 or 20. Which SEO technique is best to maintain my keywords rank in top 10 or 20?

That really depends largely on the techniques you used to get there in the first place.

If your site is ranking well because you’ve taken the trouble to build a great site with excellent content, then maintaining that standard should be enough to continue ranking highly.

If you’ve used dubious or blackhat techniques to give your site a temporary boost, then there’s really nothing you can do to maintain that position. Once the search engines detect attempts at manipulation, you can expect your site to drop in the rankings. The only way to get a good ranking and maintain it is by creating a great site which people want to visit and share.

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Could not have said it better myself :slight_smile: Only thing to add is it also depends on the competitors, how good their content is and how hard they are working on SEO!

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Build quality back links. It is recommended that you write and submit content to sites accepting Guest Blogging. The idea is to write content on other relevant blogs and get a link back to that page as well as home page.

Build quality back links. It is recommended that you write and submit content to sites accepting Guest Blogging. The idea is to write content on other relevant blogs and get a link back to that page as well as home page.

There is more to it than that with guest blogging. There are incorrect ways to guest blog as well and this can come in the form of putting your like as the only link within an article, writing content that is not high quality, picking sites that easily accept guest blogging and could provide you with negative results.

Saying “build quality back links” is not enough advice for someone to go and do this.

Here are a few points that might help you check if a site is good.

  • Are the articles they host unique
  • Do they do a lot of guest blogging? if yes, they may not be a high quality site and further questions should be asked
  • Does every article have multiple links from the same domain? If yes, this can be something that will ask for a penalty. Articles should have 3-5 reference links to HIGH Domain authority sites with only one of those links being your own.
  • Are articles informative and well researched
  • What is the domain authority of the website according to Moz?
  • If you were a user, would you view the website as spam?

If you can answer these questions then have the battle is done, but that site may also use bad back-linking techniques which could have a negative effect on you in the future. Take the time to research and learn how to do it properly so you are protected in the future.

Josh Mackow
Marketing Manager at SitePoint and Learnable

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You cannot depend on SEO techniques forever.
Google changes its algorithm after some time, that is why you need to keep updated all techniques.

To maintain your keyword rank, updated your site time to time and build quality backlinks.

Exactly. SEO is very dynamic. Strategies which was working before is already not recommended today. And strategies of today might not work tomorrow. In order for every keyword to stay on 1st page or maintain its ranking, each website owners should become more strategic. Always read the sources for SEO and other related news to stay on track. Such way, we will get an idea what to try and what to avoid.

Which is exactly why I say that the only way to achieve good performance in the SERPs is to build a site worthy of a high ranking.

The reason that “SEO techniques” which used to work no longer work, is that the search engines have become much smarter at recognising the things people were doing to try to manipulate their rankings. So changes in the algorithms are directed at making it much more difficult to cheat the system, and therefore easier for really good sites to rank well, as they’re no longer competing with poor quality, scam sites.


Like what other users have suggested, it is important to keep yourself on track with what is new and what in not in the SEO industry. Updates and refresh in the algorithm may change instantly and if you are not updated with it, you might get left behind and you might not be prepared of the impacts of each updated to your site.

That doesn’t seem to me to be what others have said at all. If you read this topic through, the main message is to forget about finding techniques to try to manipulate your ranking, and to put your energies instead into building a quality site with great content which will rank on its own meroits, and which won’t be at the mercy of algorithm changes.

Me either.

SEO is like site architecture, yes you should do it properly in the first place. But don’t focus on SEO trickery afterwards to gain incremental ranking improvements. Focus on the quality of the information on your site to your users. If you make the content amazing “must not miss” then you’ll do well.