How I got my site from un-indexet to #2 on Google

Hey guys, I work in the affiliate business, which means I create a lot of websites and test a lot of different stuff to try to make them rank and convert.
for CMS I use WordPress, where I have managed to make a website go from unindexet to #2 on Google within a few days, which I thought some of you might find interesting
A little disclaimer is that I did this on medium competition keywords, and not high competition.
It’s getting closer to being a year ago where I did it, and I haven’t recieved any warnings or messages through Google & bing webmaster tools and so on.
Anyways here’s the “recipe” that I used to make this possible

Meta data:
It’s improtant to make your meta data top notch.
First of all you wanna go to settings > general and choose the language you want the website to rank for.
URL structure is also really important, so go to settings > permalinks and choose “post name”, ideally you customize it for every page though, so it’s optimized.
After that is done install “Yoast” or “All in one Seo” and set that up, there is lots of guides for that, so I’m not gonna go in depth with that.

Only 1 H1
A lot of themes have the flaw that they have multiple H1’s which can really harm your SEO, so make sure this is not the case with your theme, to check it
view the source and search for H1, this is very critical.

Low spam score
There’s lots of factors in spam scores, here’s how to avoid a few ones easily:

  • Add a contact email or form, this is important
  • Every article should be 1000+ words
  • Do not hide or make links hard to see, this is a huge factor

Sitemap and breadcrumbs
It’s important to have a sitemap, and less important to have breadcrumbs, but it’s a nice little extra thing that Google rewards.
Yoast and many other plugins offer both of these things.

Pagespeed: Google insight
Pagespeed is becoming one of the biggest factors, so it’s important to have an eye on it, a great tool for this is Google’s own tool,
which you can find here:

It’s not hard to hit a score of 100/100, all you need to do is install plugins that does whats listed below.

  • Minification (better wp minify, w3 cache)
  • Move scripts to footer (scripts to footer)
  • Remove Google fonts and other external code (remove google fonts)
  • Caching (w3 cache, super cache)

There is a ton of plugins that can do these things, I have written some examples plugins after each point
It’s important to note that if your website is built with Jquery or the like, moving Jquery to footer might cause some functionality to not work.
It’s a big flaw to have a website which is built with that nowadays though, so you might wanna consinder switching theme if that is your case

A lot of people say that links and mentions is more than half of your SEO, which is why things like linkbuilding is very important.
There is a lot linkbuilding techinques, like creating great content, infographics and much more.
Since my websites are affiliate sites, I don’t have content that people naturally link to, therefor I buy links for all of my websites
In my example where my website went from unindexet to rank 2 on Google, I bought links here: <snip>
There is a ton of link sellers and websites where you can exchange links for example.

I hope some of you guys can use my little “recipe” or “guide” even though I know it’s not a lot of information, it is enough to make a website rank well.
So instead of spending thousand of dollars on some seo expert, go do it yourself! :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best to answer question
Have a great day
Over and out :slight_smile:

Just to be clear here, buying links is against Google’s ToS (as is any other “link scheme” intended to manipulate ranking). You run the risk of your site being penalised.

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Yes, having worked with SEO for so many years this is very obvious to me, which is probably why I forgot to mention it - following this is of course on your own risk.

The second question would be… How long did your page stay at number 2? And which was the ration search result/competition and roi?


The site is remaining within from 1-5, I’ve been #1 since then and I’ve been #6, currently I’m ranking at 3.
So to say it shortly, the roi have been amazing, all the time spend on creating + making the site rank was earned home after around 2-3 weeks

It’s not really possible to say where you’re ranking with such precision. Exact position will vary depending on the search term used, the search history of the person making the request, their location, whether or not they’re logged into a Google account…

I think @molona’s question was at least in part “how long has this site been online?” Are you saying you reached a high ranking within a couple of weeks and have been able to sustain it for a long period? Or is the site still very new?

Well it is indeed possible to see how you rank without being logged in and no previous results. Of course this will vary from case to case with everyone who has a Google account, but you can still get a feeling of where you are ranking.

Alright then I misunderstood the question, It’s been raking in top 6 since the start of March, hope that clears it up

It was too long for me to read the entire thing but I can tell you that I had some luck in the past to pick names for companies that fr that name they had absolutely no competition and once we build their site it went automatically to the top 3 results for the specific keywords we wanted so sometime it’s just a matter of smart planning.

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