How Google can Index all my sub Pages?

I have the new site www hotel-mike com , in 3 languages . It’s up the last 5 months . The main one is in English and google index all the sub pages thats are in English , but the other sub pages that they are in the languages in Greek and french , google doesn’t index them at all .

Why that happens ? maybe because i have the other 2 languages on the top of the pages in a small window and google doesn’t see the window and the pages ?

I just put now links on the bottom ( in the google index it sites ) of some pages of my other languages pages to see if google will index them . Or i have to do something else ?

I think you’re right. Having the link to the Greek and French pages in a drop-down list which is only actioned by JavaScript – the search engines’ bots won’t follow that, and will never know about those pages. Now that you’ve added straightforward text links to the Greek and French sites, you should see an improvement, although it might take a few days or more before that’s reflected in the search results.

For what it’s worth, your site does rank quite hightly in Google.Fr. When I searched for Appartements Mike Malémé La Canée, I saw your site at about fifth place - but it was the English page that was shown. Interestingly, the pages that ranked higher were mostly from review sites like TripAdvisor, and these were in French. So at least you will be getting some traffic from there.

Mike (no relation)

Thank you , for your responce and for your time to get on my site .

I think ( hopefully ) like i did it , google will find my other pages .

create a xml sitemap and send it to google webmaster tools

If you have links that use Javascript then as said above, they wont be seen. The best way to do this (for accessability along with javascript) is to code the links into the HTML and then use Javascript to hide them and then build the drop down.

This has a two stage benefit, those browsing without Javascript will still see the links and the search robots will too. Adding links to the bottom of the page is somewhat dated and looks spammy/unprofessional. If Google ever decide to discredit links at the bottom (a typical SEO tactic) then you will have to change to the above method anyway.

Edit, sorry I have just seen the date of the original post.

I always use sitemap for page indexing. Depending on your SERP it could take a day or a month to get your pages indexed. Sometimes I speed up the process by placing inner links to my facebook or twitter account.

Thank you , for all your help . I’m not a profetional , i’m an amateur just trying to do anything i can to have good results in Google , by reading the last 2 months this forum . My New site has 3 languages as i said , and my web master put them in Javascript bar . Google didnt know my other pages accept the main one in English . When i put the 2 links with my languages in the botum of 3 pages , google crawl my site and index all of them in about 3 to 4 days , and gave them straight away PR0 .

I dont know if is unprofetional or a spammy , but like that worked perfect and very fast , and also in good results in Google . Soon i will upload the sitemap .

Glad to hear you’ve got it working. Doing what you described is not at all spammy. The links are not hidden from a human reader in any way, and are clearly not intended to deceive the search engine.


Create a xml sitemap of your website and then submit that on the Google webmaster tools account of your website. Then check if all the pages are not indexed, go to “Fetch as Googlebot” and then submit them to the Google. I think in this way they will be indexed.