How frequently should i change the content of a website. Is it profitable for website

i have a website that content have not good quality then can i remove the content and change from new fresh content. It would be beneficial for me in the future.

of course you can change your website contents anytime by adding unique article on it. for blog post 300+ words and for static page 500+ words working best.

[font=calibri]If the content isn’t good then get rid of it and put something better up there! There’s no advantage to leaving bad content on your website if you can improve it. What you should try to avoid doing is constantly changing things for the sake of it. Sure, sometimes the nature of your content might mean that it’s only relevant for a short time and so you need to be updating it all the time, and that’s fine because that’s what your site needs. But if there’s no reason to keep changing it other than poor planning or being indecisive, then it’s not such a good plan. Better to spend a bit of time working out what you want on there and get it right in one go than to be going back and fiddling around all the time.

Note – I’m not saying you shouldn’t edit your pages or correct mistakes! If you see a typo or there are little tweaks you want to make, that’s fine. Any time you see something like that, fix it. What I’m talking about is making bigger changes, particularly changing entire pages – doing that is likely to confuse Googlebot about what you’ve got on your site and where it is, and if it keeps going to pages and finding the content it expects isn’t there, it’s likely to lose interest very quickly.[/font]

yes, you should update your blog frequently so that it keeps you getting more readers and also search engines come to know that you are running your blog and updating it. This will also help you in SERPs for your posts.

hilarious :slight_smile:

You know that you have content that is “bad” - and yet seek our answers? what is your criteria of a content piece being “bad” ?

Anyways - yes need to update your content frequently - but hey don’t make it a “thesis” paper - make it short, cover every point (bullet points) and please include some steps and pics as well.

if it is bad, take it off and change it with a better content. also, if you already have good content, you don’t really have to change everything and make a whole new content, you can just update a few parts. as long as you keep on updating, Google will like it.

@Stevie , I love your idea . Thanks a lot

You can change content of your website and according Google panda algorithm we should change your website content in every 6 month period…

You’ve said that before, but it doesn’t make sense. For a start, Google doesn’t have arbitrary rules like that, because they would be far too easy for people to play the system and get round them. For a second, there’s no reason to change your content if it’s still current and correct – there’s no need to change things for the sake of it, especially not as frequently as every six months.

I think it’s better that you put up good contents! Write and keep on posting on a regular basis. It would help your blog in the long run. I wouldn’t mind deleting those poorly written articles if I were you. Good content is what we all want, aren’t we?

yes you are write but some time many spammer copy your web content and its also harmful for your website if you refresh your content its effect to increase crawling rate of your website. so update your content

If you are selling a product and you think that your content or copy is not good, then you should certainly make changes and see what works and increases your conversions. Once you realize that your copy is good (in terms of conversion), then you don’t have to make changes to it anymore.

Regarding frequently updating your content, it’s a good practice to add new content by writing informative and original blog posts. This will increase the credibility of your website.

I’d say that instead trying to revamp the website content quite often, why don’t we update the website with some blog stuffs in-built. It’d rather be a better option by posting new articles (of course, high quality and unique too) to the site and that, it pushes up the readers to spend their minutes in the recent updates.

Exactly! The quality of the content is paramount. And by “quality” I do not mean how well it is written, but how well it leads visitors to do what you want them to do, whether that is to subscribe or to learn or to buy or to move on to another page.

I would personally get back to the ‘bad’ articles and edit them with some good content instead. It would mean less ‘dead’ links and the articles can then be promoted easily. Sure, if the content is really bad, replace with it something decent. As far as the ‘change the content every 6 months’, I think you’re kidding. It would mean that most bloggers would need to replace thousands of articles each month. Now that would be a pain :smiley:

Content is King!! According to google panda updates high quality and unique content helps in getting more traffic to the website as well as very effective for keywords ranking. You can write or update content anytime for better results. Also quality content is helpful for social engagement and credibility of your website.

Change is inevitable and you must constantly change. Adapting by adding new content and something refreshing is what keeps the traffic flowing. I wouldn’t go back to a site that didn’t bring anything every few days!

That depends what it is. If it’s a static reference site, it doesn’t need to be updated unless there is new material to add. The Sitepoint HTML and CSS Reference pages, for example, don’t generally change from one month to the next, one year to the next even, but they are (mostly) just as relevant and accurate as they ever were.

Of course, you can change your whole site content in a day but first check where is the problem. If your content is copied than you have to change all content and if it is having only some grammatical errors and spelling errors than only need to update your data.

You must keep updating the content of your website at regular intervals. This is important for your website to get crawled. Usually, you must add new content every week.