How does the YouTube algorithm for counting views work?

I have been searching recently in Google regarding how the You Tube algorithm to count views works. I have read a lot of posts, but still I find some things confusing. Say if you watch a video 30 times from a certain IP, does it count 30 views or only 1 view? Also, I read that if you replay the video that does not count towards the views? is it correct ?

I would assume that’s one of the best kept secrets. As with any other algorithm, youtube doesn’t anyone to know the specifics or the system could be manipulated.

But although the rules can change without previous notice, I hope that this two links will make things clearer and easier for you :slight_smile:

Whenever you refresh ( or press F5 ) your one view will be counted in you tube. if you upload a any video on you tube if you are doing again and again regresh so its useless. it will be go on spam. I.P should be different if you want to earn money by you tube.

Youtube Algorithm is a very well kept secret as i hear.
Somethings i have found though are that my views are counted ( refreshed on my videos a bunch of time and they were all counted) although this was on a video with 0 views.

I think you tube count as a separate view whenever we restart the same video. because so many time i saw my view count as a different view by you tube.

i think refresh do not work here. they treck your cookies also. so may be they worked on your cookies and your ip so every time just change in ip does not work to increase your view . clear a cookies.