How does PHP's list function work?


I want to know how the list PHP function actually work under the hood?
For example, the affection (=) with an array, etc…

Can you also tell me how I can create a function such, please

Thank you!

I highly doubt this will be helpful, but here is the git location of where someone just recently implemented the use of list() within a foreach loop.;a=blob;f=Zend/zend_compile.c;h=b87b1908b6bdebdf4fd1efce18da0b9667ec8477;hb=35951d4be0bd27c85519995a95429bd0d0a76a00#l6198

Starts on line 6198.

Okay, but that does not answer my question.
Do you have a clear explanation rather than watching a complicated file without any explanation.

Thank you

Why are you interested in how it does it, if you arnt interested in the code that shows you how it does it?