How does client edit his template on my site?

With a website that I am to build, I will be using MySQL and PHP –

From a data base of locations I will have pages propagating upon demand from the many clients –

The client is to lease a page to enter his/her marketing information –

One option is for the client to fill info into a template and add a link to his/her website –
The other option is to lease an entire page for info., pictures and youtube links, Etc. -

Is it a CMS that allows the client to register, pay and edit the templates?

Much appreciation for insight,
Sassy One

A CSM program like expression engine ?

If so, what are some others to consider ?

If not CSM, then what type software so that clients around the country can lease a marketing
listing or webpage ?

Sassy One

You mean a CMS. :slight_smile:

Normally, with a CMS you wouldn’t give people enough access to be able to style their own page. You would probably have to extend it in some way to allow for this. I’d say most sites where people can have their own account and set their own styles would have a more sophisticated, customized backend system to allow for that.

Perhaps you could offer a number of pre-made templates for people to choose upon signup.

Thanks Ralph, yes a CMS -

The listing page would be a simple template with specific areas for content -
Company name, address, phone, email, etc and a link to a website if they have one -
A brief about us, services offered and maybe an image or two.

The Webpage template would allow more content, more images, youtube links, etc…

Maybe a couple different templates to chose from -

Looks like a CMS, such as Expression Engine would allow for these types of client template editing and the payment collection -

Wouldn’t you think?

Do you think that these edited and saved pages should be static or set to be dynamic ?

Sassy One

Hm, I don’t really think so. Or at least, not without a bit of work on your part. You can set up user accounts with limited access to the backend control panel, but I wouldn’t like to give that kind of access to just anyone. Normally you would just give a client this kind of access to their website’s backend. At any rate, you’d need to set up an account for each separate user … which could be a bit of a drag. Perhaps there’s some kind of plugin that makes this easier, but I haven’t heard of it. Also check out if there’s something like this for other CMSes like Drupal.

Do you think that these edited and saved pages should be static or set to be dynamic ?

Not sure what you mean by that. If a user can edit content/design, presumably it’s dynamic.

Thanks Ralph,

I found an entry by Dave Maxwell just above this post - And he listed a link to compare CMS packages -

You can compare ten at a time - I have done my first 10 - Interesting -

CMSMatrix - This resource allows you to choose various CMS products and will compare set features in each of them and gives you a rundown of each. Features include things like cost, server requirements, security, ease of use, management, built-in functionality, commerce and others. A valuable resource if you’re looking to compare apples to apples (or even apples to oranges)