How do you suggest to prevent crashed MyISAM table?

On my site was an error:
General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] - Table ‘phpbb_sessions’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

I could click to repair that table in mysql manager - PHPMyAdmin and that fixed it. Also the command is: REPAIR TABLE phpbb_sessions;

But the question is how to prevent it. Someone said that MyISAM tables crash like this due to something unexpected, like a server failure, out of memory/disk space or breakdown. There is nothing i can do to prevent it if i am not a server admin. What if i am?
Or maybe if i am just a shared hoting user with basic SSH access and cronjob, i can run a cron task executing a bash script containing: mysqlcheck -C / mysqlcheck -c

If my server support InnoDB, should i convert just this one table (i found this one to be only one that gets crashed from time to time)?
I found SQL command: ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE=InnoDB;
I would backup table_name before running that.

start and maintain a log that docs how your tables are accessed by users

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