How do you remotely monitor all running applications for downtime

hello guys
we have multiple WPF applications running, which connect to the remote servers

I have been given the task to research multiple ways to monitor the applications to see if they crash, are online

We are looking to use SignalR, but wondering if there are other default methods

many thanks

What are WPF applications?

What do you want to check? Do you want to know if your own services are online, or if the services you connect to are online?

Also, what do you want do you want to do with that information?

Hi @WebSteve WPF are windows presentation foundation (another type, should i say for web-forms, but uses XAML)

Hi @rpkamp
We have implemented a pub/sub pattern using rabbitMQ so we know when clients are logged into our applications

However if the application crashes or goes offline (for some reason)

We want to be able to know real time. As these applications run throughout a distributed network in different localities

Hope this is clear.


I would use something like UptimeRobot that checks the application every minute or so to see that it is still up. Worst case scenario you’ll know after 59 seconds.

Alternatively you could use something like a heartbeat where each node sends a message to all other nodes every minute or so. When a message from a certain node hasn’t arrived in more than a minute, raise an alarm.

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