How do you put paid advertising in a blog

I have been trying to figure out how to put some paid advertising in a Wordpress the org version blog in the sidebar. Do I just get the javascript for the advertisement and copy it into the sidebar by clicking on presentation and then editor and sidebar? And does the ad position post according to where I pasted it in the sidebar box? I am assuming it would be a permanent ad on all posts because all posts have the sidebar on them.
Hope you can point me in the right direction.

Download and install the plugin “Daiko’s Text” it allows you to put in HTML, PHP and others in the sidebar. And you can position it like you would any other widget. I use it and it works awesome.

It can be found here:


You could put the code in the sidebar template. You could also use any numder of plugins. I use wp-125. Its great for 125x125 banner ads.

Don’t think you can add plugins to a hosted blog can you?

From what I understand you can’t advertise on the hosted form of wordpress.
I think the OP has wordpress installed from the .org version.

If you are using the free blog from wordpress, there’s no way to put any paid advertising on it. Unless you have your own hosting and domain, and use the wordpress as your blogging platform.

that is correct, you can only advertise on your own hosted domain.

Yes, each sidebar element is typically identified pretty clearly. Just find where you want it and drop it in.


It will show on every page of your blog unless you do some fancy coding.

YOu can also insert your ad in the sidebar template…You just have to access your sidebar template’s code in your Design admin.

that is why i abandoned my wordpress free blog platform and transferred to blogspot. At blogspot, everything is laid out in menu and a lot easier to put ads and widgets.

It’s not too tricky, either put it into the sidebar.php file in something like dreamweaver, or you can use a plugin like the one mentioned above to include it in a widget.

Just put the code in the sidebar or use paid links.

you need to host your blog on some paidd or free host where you can control the ftp access and other stuff. Wordpress directly doesnt let you put paid ads on it

There is no way to put any kind of code such as javascript or others there in wordpress blog,if you are hosting it free on
This is the only feature where wordpress blogs are lagging behind.

That’s right man, only hosted wordpress blog can do… :slight_smile:

There are many useful wordpress plugins that allow you to place ads.I use smart ads plugin to display ads on sidebar.

Recommed wp ads max, it’s a very good plugin :slight_smile:

glad happy6 asked this, very informative suggestions here! im a total newb (uh oh, i can see your eyes rolling) and just started the whole blog thing but for sure want to put ads/affiliates/etc on my blog site for $$. been reading a lot in this forum and the net, so to be clear, on you can not use your own advertising, paypal, etc?? as mentioned apparently you can… but how do you “host” your wordpress blog elsewhere? can you transfer you wp site over to another host? does it involve php knowledge? i must be overlooking something. can anybody shed some light? thanks sooo much for your help! :smiley: