How Do You Make Your Living Online?


I never get tired of reading these threads, and I am sure others don’t either. I initially tried my hand at internet marketing 3 years ago but never had the patience and discipline to stick to one method (classic newbie mistake). I started writing content, and eventually that blossomed into a respectable company (Article Marketing Co) which I am still building and keeps the bills paid. I have thought of getting back into internet/affiliate marketing as a second income, but think I still prefer service orientated business ideas.

How do you make your living online? Hopefully this will inspire us to continue to grow and expand, and help newcomers as well.


I generally surf the internet for current affairs and thats a great time pass.

The OP is asking about how you make a living online, not how you pass your time.

I am a web designer and also run a site network, that brings in some revenue from advertising. It’s enough to be able to live OK and also travel half the time.

I’m a web cam model :shifty:

Online business essentially requires variablilty, creativity and innovation. Generation of new ideas, newer strategies, providing a unique concept to the customers will give you that success you desire:)

I write fresh, content-rich articles designed to help businesses and relationships of all kinds on a part-time basis. By day, I work as a business consultant to corporations of all sizes throughout the nation. I love what I do and, as long as their is breath in my body, I will continue to do it!

Here’s to your success!


selling stuff on ebay - not quite a full time income but it pays well when you find the right stuff to sell !

Thanks for your replies. Is there a way to sell stuff via ebay without ever touching merchandise? It seem a few people have found a way to do this.

Im working online and surfing social site to get a new friend.

i do what i like … that’s all.

I make money online, by doing some social media marketing and gain popularity from it.

Hello AHayes,

this is very positive and uplifting news to hear, about how you flourished in your article marketing company endeavors, three years after inception of trying your hand at Internet marketing. College of content knows what it’s like to struggle online, and building an Internet business from scratch. It’s a good being to know that your Internet marketing efforts “keeps the bills paid.” Do you only refer to unique content distribution and the organic way of promoting yourself online social networking and unique content, or, do you also use Google ad words, Microsoft ad center, and or other paid advertising services to increase your web visibility? How long did it take you to start earning decent income from your content producing endeavors, until you able to earn a full-time living on the World Wide Web? :slight_smile:

im works online and i always surf to some social site…that’s make my living online :slight_smile:

I work at home , and that would be impossible without internet support, there are many online jobs which one can do while sitting back at home , apart from work i love doing social sites , facebook is my all time favourite

I promote products from Amazon through review websites.

I do domain reseller business!!!

I am passing my on online- surfing, facebook, promoting my site, Some time trying SEO job.
Thank you.

I have a couple of specific services that I offer at the moment. I have a couple of long terms clients as well as lots of new ones. I’m not earning as I wish but its a process for my point of view. Developing good steady income online takes time and effort.

Started by developing websites for clients, now I publish my own and generate a good income from AdSense, Amazon and ClickBank across several sites - I don’t usually mix the three together within the same site.