How Do You Find A Niche At Social Networking Sites

Instead of going to each site like facebook,Digg, Myspace, whats
the best way to find a profitable niche where other marketers are
having success at for cpa & affiliate programs.

I think the best way to solve your purpose is to go to forums rather than social networking sites.

Right. Look for forums that allow posting signatures and make sure to choose the one that is relevant to your niche. By simply means of giving response to their queries, there might be a chance that your signatures will give a quick click through them.

You may read facebook, digg, myspace and other networkig site’s policy for use cpa and affiliate program. Forum posting with a signature link is also a good option.

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its a good idea to build a large fan base and number of followers. Let them form an opinion about you and then direct traffic to your site

Absolutly aggre with your’e opinion …
social netwoking likes faceboo, digg, twitter, myspace, and many more sites can help to increase traffic and as media to do promote …
The most important thing to remember is must choice “dofollow” social networks website …


Social networking sites is good for increasing traffics but forums posting is good for site.

Yeah. Better you get into the forum which are all relevant to your niche. There you can get more traffic.

with LinkedIn, you can easily connect with others in your niche…

I think that the best way to get more out of social networking is to buil your groups or followers and social market (network).

Yes, Social networking sites are of really help in driving traffic to your site… but Do follow forums are also very important.

Linkedin to build connections. Facebook to build up your fans. Twitter to build followers.